Dorothy Kisaka, the Executive Director of Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA), has conducted an inspection of key infrastructure projects in the city, with a particular focus on enhancing market infrastructure.
The ongoing drainage projects at USAFI Market, Kiseka Market, and Busega Market are crucial components of KCCA’s broader Smart City initiative, aimed at creating conducive trading spaces at the heart of Kampala’s development.

These initiatives are in line with the National Resistance Movement (NRM) Manifesto 2021-2026 vision for Kampala, emphasizing proactive steps to implement this vision.
Kisaka reiterated KCCA’s commitment to expanding trading spaces as outlined in the manifesto, highlighting government funding allocated for projects such as Kiseka and Busega markets.

“We are addressing drainage issues associated with these markets to ensure people can trade without hindrance,” Kisaka said. In Busega, significant infrastructure upgrades have been made, including the construction of a storm water cutoff drain to prevent flooding.

A new vehicle and truck park opposite the market is being established to facilitate better access and parking for traders and visitors. “These improvements had delayed the market’s opening, but with drainage and parking issues now addressed, the market is set to open soon,” Kisaka said.

At USAFI Market, where drainage structures are being constructed to improve functionality, progress has surpassed 70%. Similarly, at Kiseka Market, substantial advancements have been made in paving the market area, constructing drainage facilities, and installing access bridges over the Nakivubo channel.

These efforts are not only enhancing market accessibility but also contributing to a safer and more efficient trading environment. The projects also encompass the installation of solar lights and the construction of public toilets, further enhancing safety and usability for traders and customers.

The government’s support, aligned with President Museveni’s directive to establish two markets in every division, underscores a concerted effort to promote economic activity and enhance urban life in Kampala. With continued support and dedicated efforts, Kampala’s markets are poised for a promising future, contributing to a vibrant and thriving urban landscape.

Engineer Morris Kairania, overseeing the projects, reported significant progress in earthworks, drainage, and solar lighting installations, highlighting the collaborative efforts driving Kampala’s market development forward.​