Uganda National Cultural Centre, whose acronym is UNCC, is a semi-autonomous body under the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development established on 8th October, 1959 by the UNCC Act;1959 Act of Parliament (Amended 1965). UNCC was officially inaugurated on 2nd December, 1959. Uganda National Cultural Centre is home to the National Theatre and the National Art Gallery (Nommo Gallery). The two Constituent departments are mandated with the development and promotion of the Performing, Literary and Visual Arts in Uganda. UNCC continues to be an iconic institution in Uganda in its pursuit of excellence in nurturing, developing and promoting arts and culture in the country. As the focal and implementing agency of culture and art in Uganda, UNCC has groomed and supported a number of cultural practitioners and artists through various platforms, programmes and policies in the performing, Literary and visual arts in Uganda.
UNCC – The National Theatre is currently led by Mr. Francis Peter Ojede as the Executive Director, over seen by a Board of Trustees, led by Prof. Okaka Opio Dokotum as chairman deputized by Phina Mugerwa Masanyalaze. Other Board members include Dr. Richard Komakech, Ms. Juliana Naumo Akuryo, Mr. Hannington Bugingo, Ms. Lillian Mbabazi, Mr. Moses Ssali and Mr. Joseph Mayanja.

Weekly Routine Events At the heart of UNCC’s activities are its diverse weekly programs that cater to various interests and age groups, promoting creativity, wellness, and entertainment. Below are our weekly Routine Events
•Jam Session: The Jam takes place every Monday from 7pm to 11pm at the Theatre. It is a platform where emerging music stars and entertainers come together to perform, network with like-minded people, and showcase themselves to new audiences. The jam, organized internally by the National Theatre, is absolutely free and open to anyone.
•Dance Classes: Held on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays, these classes cater to different styles and levels. From Yoga Rejuvenation Community Classes to Katuuyo Dance Classes and Salsa & Latin Dance Classes, there’s something for everyone to enjoy and learn. Participation in these classes is absolutely 20K.
•Film Club Sessions: Tuesdays witness engaging discussions and insights into the world of filmmaking at the CICP space at the National Theatre, providing a forum for filmmakers and enthusiasts to share ideas.
•Movie Night: Wednesdays are dedicated to cinematic experiences, curated by the Film Club Uganda and the Kampala Film Development Organization, offering a diverse selection of films for a nominal entrance fee of 10k.
•Industrial Training: Held at the Nommo Gallery every Wednesday, this training provides practical skills and knowledge in various artistic disciplines, enhancing the capacity of participants. Participation is 100k.
•Comedicine: Thursdays bring laughter with the Fun Factory comedy outfit’s weekly comedy show, offering an evening of humor and entertainment at an affordable price OF 30K.

Annual Calendar Celebrations In addition to its weekly events, UNCC hosts annual celebrations that highlight Uganda’s rich cultural heritage and artistic talent.
•UNCC Annual Arts & Culture Festival: Held in the first weekend of November, this festival serves as a national platform for artists to exhibit their works, fostering cultural appreciation and economic empowerment. The UNCC Festival serves as a unifying platform for Ugandans who hold a deep appreciation for their art and culture, offering a space to celebrate and bolster their rich heritage. It primarily provides a national stage for Ugandan Art and Culture practitioners to proudly exhibit their creative works, preserving and sharing their traditions and creative processes. This festival aims to nurture and elevate indigenous art forms and local talent, facilitating artists’ ability to earn from their creative endeavors. Additionally, it serves as a vibrant celebration of Uganda’s cultural diversity, promoting and uniting the nation’s rich tapestry of traditions.
•World Music Day: Celebrated on June 21st, this global event is commemorated at the National Theatre’s upper gardens, with support from the French Embassy, celebrating the universal language of music.
•World Theatre Day: Celebrated on March 27th, this day honors the discipline and artistry of theatre professionals, reflecting on their contributions to Uganda’s theatre industry. This year’s edition of this day was already celebrated with a series of activities at the National Theatre. The event was held under the theme “The Crucial Role of Professional Discipline in Theatre Arts for Advancing Uganda’s Theatre Industry.”
•International Dance Day: Celebrated on April 29th, this global celebration of dance created by the Dance Committee of the International Theatre Institute, the main partner for the performing arts of UNESCO. It sees various dance groups taking center stage at the National Theatre, showcasing the beauty and diversity of dance forms.
Through its diverse programs and celebrations, UNCC continues to play a pivotal role in preserving and promoting Uganda’s rich cultural heritage, nurturing artistic talent, and fostering community engagement.
Throughout the month of April, 2024, there was a production by theatre legend Mr. Alex Mukulu. The production, “KULUMBISI and KULUNKALU,” is an African adaptation of William Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet.”