NITA-U, ICT Ministry and BSMART Tech officials inspecting the IT Park site in Entebbe

The dream of the Information Technology/Business Process Outsourcing (IT/BPO) Park in Entebbe is on course, following the conclusion of discussions with the developer.

The Ministry of ICT and National Guidance, through the National Information Technology Authority of Uganda (NITA-U) acquired 17 acres of land in 2021 and it is the land on which the Park will be setup.

The planned two-year development works were supposed to be completed in 2023, but the process was delayed because of COVID-19.

The 200 million-dollar (740 billion shillings) project located at Lunyo, off the Kampala-Entebbe highway is being handled by BSMART Technologies, a Malaysia based Global Technology Solutions Company.

“The IT Park aims to promote the growth of businesses offering technologically-intense services and products, facilitate the transfer of knowledge and skills, create links between research and industry, and generate employment opportunities”, said Michael Newman Byamugisha, the Assistant Project Coordinator.

The discussion focused on the implementation process of the IT/BPO Park and additional investment opportunities to further the partnership.

NITA-U was established with the aim of serving as a key player in the ICT sector to coordinate, promote, and monitor IT development within the context of National Social and Economic Development.

Its vision is a “facilitator of a knowledge-based, globally competitive Uganda where social transformation and economic development are supported through IT-enabled services.”

The IT Park project aims to transfer knowledge from multinationals to local IT entrepreneurs, host local business incubation models, and create jobs. 

“The IT Park will thus stimulate the start-up growth of technologically intensive and knowledge-based businesses, transfer skills, and facilitate the links between research and industrial communities,” according to an explanation by NITA-U.

On a land area of 87,805 square metres, the park comprises buildings hosting the IT innovation & incubation center; ICT Ministry offices; NITA-U; exhibitions and events center and a convention center.

The parks will be structured into zones according to the sector’s so as to attract Innovations from all areas, according to Byamugisha.

An artistic impression of the proposed IT Park in Entebbe City