Hon. Judith Nabakooba

Hon. Judith Nabakooba, the Minister for Lands, Housing, and Urban Development, expressed gratitude for the opportunity to witness the launch of Uganda’s first National Physical Development Plan (NPDP). She emphasized the significance of the plan in guiding the country on the optimal utilization of its limited land resources, particularly in the context of Uganda’s journey towards becoming an industrialized, middle-income state.

Highlighting the importance of land as a non-renewable resource, she stressed the need for effective planning to ensure its sustainable use. Noting the rapid urbanization in Uganda, she shared statistics indicating a 4.5% annual growth rate in urban areas, with the urban population projected to nearly double by 2040 from the current 11 million to over 20 million.

The NPDP aimed to address the lack of a comprehensive guiding plan for urban development, especially in newly elevated regional cities and urban centers across the country. It also aimed to provide guidance in various sectors, such as agriculture and housing, to facilitate the transition from subsistence to commercial agriculture and to address housing challenges in urban areas.

The Honorable Minister underscored the plan’s role in promoting regional connectivity, enhancing industrialization, safeguarding protected areas, and addressing climate change effects. She acknowledged the involvement of local government leaders in the implementation process and urged them to take ownership of the plan’s objectives.

She noted the rarity of having a National Physical Development Plan in Africa and pledged the @ministry_lands commitment to its thorough implementation and coordination at all levels of governance. She expressed gratitude to all stakeholders and requested the support of His Excellency the President in ensuring the successful implementation of the NPDP